Summer Camp

nǐ hǎo, huān yíng nǐ lái zhōng guó!


Hello, welcome to China.

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Spend an incredible summer at camp in China

8-10 Weeks at Camp

Spend 8-10 weeks between June-August working with Chinese campers at summer camp in China.

Food & Accommodation

Enjoy all-inclusive support with food, accommodation, laundry, and daily needs throughout your contract.

Travel after Camp

You’ve got up 30 days after camp to have the trip of a lifetime, and we recommend taking at least a week to explore.

24/7 Support

Support from application to camp and beyond. We assist with interviews, visas, and provide 24/7 support and insurance at camp.

Why go with Adventure China?

The best camps in China

We work with an incredible array of hand-selected camps in stunning locations all across China. From major cities like Beijing and Shanghai, to the banks of Thousand Island Lake, our camps are selectively chosen by our Adventure China experts - and you'll likely see us there, as we spend our summers working at or visiting our camps!

A role for everyone

Camps want to hire bold individuals who are willing to take on the challenge. Work abroad alongside locals & like-minded international staff with the ultimate student travel experience. Help shape the future of summer camps through volunteer work in China. From teaching English in China to waterfront roles, outdoor education to football coaching in China, as a camp counselor you'll be teaching a range of different camp activities.

Award wining support

You won’t find support like this anywhere else. Expert knowledge, in-depth preparation, and 24/7 on the ground support as you volunteer in China. We've got you covered - our China experts have even featured in The Guardian! If you want to travel after camp, we've put together some travel China guides, based on our own experiences in China, to help you get the most out of your adventure.

Your Camp Time

Incredible Summer

Spend your summer in China

You'll work with children in China for 8-12 weeks, gaining experience in the most fun environment possible. It's a cross between summer camp and TEFL in China - your classroom is outside in the sunshine.

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Summer Camp

Volunteering not as you know it

Chinese summer camps are based on traditional UK and North American camps, with the added challenge and benefit of learning about Chinese tradition, culture, and language.

You'll spend your summer in the exhilarating wilderness of China, coming up with creative ways to help your campers improve their skills in various activities and speaking English.

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Coach Children

“As the wise master once said...”

Improve your coaching skills and add valuable experience to your CV by becoming a camp counselor & working with children throughout the summer.

You'll gain over 800 coaching hours, develop your own leadership style and boost your employability by doing something different.

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Explore China After Camp

You'll also get up to 30 days after camp to travel, as well as an allowance to finance your trip. There's nothing else quite like it - it's a unique experience in an incredible part of the world.

From Great Wall to Great Fun,
Celebrate Summer at Camp Harmony

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  • Summer camp placement & 24-hour support in China
  • Return flights & visa assistance
  • 90 days medical insurance included
  • 2-day pre-departure orientation workshop
  • Access to online workshops and offline resources
  • Travel allowance given at the end of your camp contract
  • Up to 30 days of travel after camp
  • Access to our personal China travel guides

What’s Not Included

  • Be 18 to 30 years old by June 1st, 2024
  • Be available to travel to China by the middle of June
  • Be able to spend 8 weeks at camp
  • Be able to speak English
  • Have a clean criminal record

Spread the cost over 3 easy payments

We want to make it easy to get to summer camp in China. Instead of paying all in one go, we've broken down the price into 3 easy installments.
If our standard payment plan doesn't work for you our team are more than happy to build one just for you.

Payment 1


Payment 2


Payment 3


3rd Party Fees Required for Your Visa and Placement

  • Advanced Police Check - £60
  • Medical Check - Varies based on GP
  • Visa - £151 (plus at least one trip to Manchester or Edinburgh)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is summer camp in China?

Summer camp is an American tradition where children (campers) go to develop, grow and partake in activities during the summer. As China becomes a major world player, parents seek to give their children an experience of Western culture. Summer camps hire international staff to provide a unique cultural exchange experience.

When does summer camp start?

Summer camps start at various dates between early May and mid-June.

How long does camp last?

Camp lasts 8-12 weeks for camp counsellors. After camp, you have up to 30 days to travel around China.

Do I get paid?

Summer camp positions in China are voluntary positions, however, the camp will provide a stipend toward your travel costs.

Full support,
Endless discovery.

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